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  Organism     Name       Ortholog group   Product
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053504109.160   OG4_11137   electron transfer flavoprotein, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053510669.20   OG4_23625   Gim5A protein, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053508799.240   OG4_13176   aminopeptidase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053508301.20     mitochondrial processing peptidase, beta subunit, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053510259.50   OG4_10089   21 kDa cyclophilin, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053511069.20   OG4_10490   40S ribosomal protein S8, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053511745.10     heat shock 70 kDa protein, mitochondrial precursor, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053507681.20   OG4_10327   succinyl-CoA ligase [GDP-forming] beta-chain, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053506605.120   OG4_31844   hypothetical protein, conserved
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053506933.60   OG4_10264   mitochondrial RNA binding protein, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053509213.100   OG4_15725   hypothetical protein, conserved
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053506195.120   OG4_12348   lysosomal alpha-mannosidase precursor, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053511899.40   OG4_10268   2-amino-3-ketobutyrate coenzyme A ligase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053506441.20     hypothetical protein, conserved
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053506593.19   OG4_10758   ribosomal protein S7, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053508989.9   OG4_14863   nucleoside phosphorylase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053506391.10   OG4_10267   calmodulin
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053511369.20   OG4_10107   elongation factor 1-alpha (EF-1-alpha), putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053503453.30   OG4_10434   60S ribosomal protein L30, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053507927.60   OG4_10987   hypothetical protein, conserved
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053463155.20   OG4_10018   retrotransposon hot spot (RHS) protein, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053506809.10     trans-sialidase (pseudogene), putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053504045.110     urocanate hydratase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053504949.14   OG4_10708   60S ribosomal protein L6, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053506883.40   OG4_32593   p21 antigen protein, putative

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