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  Organism     Name       Ortholog group   Product
T. brucei   Tb927.3.1380   OG4_10551   ATP synthase beta chain, mitochondrial precursor,ATP synthase F1, beta subunit
T. brucei   Tb11.02.0330   OG4_10313   UDP-galactose 4-epimerase
T. brucei   Tb927.10.13780   OG4_10372   glycogen synthase kinase 3
T. brucei   Tb927.10.10390   OG4_10249   trypanothione reductase
T. brucei   Tb927.6.4410   OG4_11728   S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase
T. brucei   Tb10.61.2680     pyruvate kinase 1
T. brucei   Tb09.160.2970   OG4_28747   mitochondrial RNA editing ligase 1,RNA-editing complex protein,RNA editing ligas ...
T. brucei   Tb927.3.5280   OG4_11570   spliceosome-associated protein 49, putative
T. brucei   Tb927.10.4990   OG4_10184   cell division related protein kinase 2, putative,CDC2-related protein kinase
T. brucei   Tb09.160.3630   OG4_10522   cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase
T. brucei   Tb927.1.1240   OG4_10309   cytidine triphosphate synthase, putative
T. brucei   Tb11.01.0330   OG4_10601   protein kinase, putative
T. brucei   Tb11.01.3900   OG4_11544   N-acetyl-D-glucosaminylphosphatidylinositol de-N-acetylase
T. brucei   Tb927.4.1140   OG4_11369   phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase, putative
T. brucei   Tb927.3.3780   OG4_11624   tryparedoxin
T. brucei   Tb927.5.890   OG4_10290   oligosaccharyl transferase subunit, putative
T. brucei   Tb927.7.7420   OG4_10635   ATP synthase alpha chain, mitochondrial precursor,ATP synthase F1, alpha subunit
T. brucei   Tb927.1.3830   OG4_10418   glucose-6-phosphate isomerase, glycosomal
T. brucei   Tb927.3.3760   OG4_11624   tryparedoxin
T. brucei   Tb927.6.4460   OG4_11728   S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase
T. brucei   Tb927.7.1130   OG4_10219   trypanothione/tryparedoxin dependent peroxidase 2,glutathione peroxidase-like 2
T. brucei   Tb927.3.4490   OG4_33600   protein farnesyltransferase alpha subunit, putative
T. brucei   Tb927.7.3360   OG4_11009   farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase
T. brucei   Tb927.7.460   OG4_11497   protein farnesyltransferase beta subunit
T. brucei   Tb927.6.4280   OG4_10093   glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase, glycosomal

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