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  Organism     Name       Ortholog group   Product
B. malayi   Bm1_00065   OG4_10073   Cathepsin L-like precursor, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00085   OG4_11707   translation initiation factor 3 subunit 7, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00120   OG4_13337   ATP synthase epsilon chain, mitochondrial, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00140   OG4_13684   Cell division protein
B. malayi   Bm1_00165   OG4_13105   KE2 family protein
B. malayi   Bm1_00170   OG4_11119   DNA-directed RNA polymerase II 7.6 kDa polypeptide, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00180   OG4_10370   DnaJ chaperonine, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00185   OG4_10572   40S ribosomal protein S26, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00195   OG4_10572   40S ribosomal protein S26, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00255   OG4_12712   Notch signaling pathway homolog protein 1, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00270   OG4_12179   ImpB/MucB/SamB family protein
B. malayi   Bm1_00275   OG4_10904   S-phase kinase-associated protein SKR-1 , putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00275B   OG4_10904   S-phase kinase-associated protein SKR-1 , putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00280   OG4_11553   2-oxoisovalerate dehydrogenase alpha subunit, mitochondrial precursor, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00335   OG4_11950   glutamate-gated chloride channel alpha3A subunit, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00350   OG4_10538   succinyl-CoA ligase [GDP-forming] alpha-chain, mitochindrial, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00355   OG4_15459   Guanine nucleotide-binding protein alpha-12 subunit, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00390   OG4_12820   CG1676-PA, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00400   OG4_11977   U5 snRNP-associated 102 kDa protein, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00405   OG4_16214   LP10852p, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00410   OG4_10649   hypothetical protein
B. malayi   Bm1_00435   OG4_13105   hypothetical protein
B. malayi   Bm1_00450   OG4_12454   aminomethyltransferase, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_00460   OG4_11964   DNL zinc finger family protein
B. malayi   Bm1_00480   OG4_11979   conserved hypothetical protein

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