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  Organism     Name       Ortholog group   Product
S. mansoni   Smp_078570   OG4_44815   zinc finger protein, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_063300   OG4_10646   60S ribosomal protein L36e, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_145060   OG4_13012   acyl-CoA:glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase
S. mansoni   Smp_007900.2     60S ribosomal protein L23, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_045160.1   OG4_20653   zinc finger protein, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_024390.1   OG4_14380   microsomal signal peptidase 25 kD subunit, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_122370.2   OG4_19021   zinc finger protein, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_049930   OG4_15760   expressed protein
S. mansoni   Smp_126600   OG4_121195   expressed protein
S. mansoni   Smp_055760   OG4_10094   protein yme1 homolog
S. mansoni   Smp_141410   OG4_87215   cell adhesion molecule, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_128010   OG4_121212   expressed protein
S. mansoni   Smp_169250   OG4_20973   expressed protein
S. mansoni   Smp_161540     hypothetical protein
S. mansoni   Smp_012010   OG4_36406   expressed protein
S. mansoni   Smp_058780   OG4_15336   expressed protein
S. mansoni   Smp_022850.3   OG4_67175   expressed protein
S. mansoni   Smp_105680.1   OG4_12817   expressed protein
S. mansoni   Smp_154590   OG4_13236   expressed protein
S. mansoni   Smp_102690.2   OG4_53778   eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2c, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_166420   OG4_13552   conserved hypothetical protein
S. mansoni   Smp_154500   OG4_49415   hypothetical protein
S. mansoni   Smp_155270   OG4_70302   hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA synthase; HMG-CoA synthase
S. mansoni   Smp_139910   OG4_40486   expressed protein
S. mansoni   Smp_180230   OG4_122043   expressed protein

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