TDR Targets Survey

A survey on drug targets in TDR's priority organisms

Inspired by a pilot survey on drug targets against Human African Trypanosomiasis (see below), we are aiming through this website to capture, collate and make publicly available expert knowledge on potential drug targets against parasitic diseases.

Drug discovery groups in parasitology need to access the best possible drug targets and to contact and collaborate with experts on that target. This portal is an opportunity to (a) make the community aware of specific molecular targets and (b) state whether or not you are engaged in, or would be interested in collaborating on, a drug discovery project related to that target.

The survey

Read more about this in the Manual.

This is not a restricted site. Entering information here constitutes public disclosure.

  • Who can make an entry?
    Anyone who is scientifically qualified, working in the field, registered with this website and logged in.
  • Who gets to see my entry?
    Everyone. This is open access and constitutes a public disclosure of information.
  • Does making an entry obligate me to anything?
    No, nothing at all, but you may get some email correspondence from interested parties.
  • Whose idea was this electronic survey of parasite drug targets?
    The original idea for surveying the scientific community came from a workshop on Drug Discovery for Trypanosomatid Diseases, held in Dundee in February 2007. After a successful pilot survey conducted for Human African Trypanosomiasis, the idea was to expand the action to other TDR priority organisms. The result will be a centrally collated information on current drug targets, providing a framework for collaborations and an important resource for database curators.