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  • OrthoMCL cluster identifier: OG5_126609
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Compounds have been manually associated with targets based on literature curation (curated), and transitively associated with direct orthologs (predicted). Please note that a link between a compound and a target does not imply an outstanding activity (e.g. inhibition). In many cases the association serves the only purpose of showing that e.g. "compound X" has been tested against "target Y", even if there was no detectable activity in the assay. Information about each assay and its outcome is available for each compound.

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  Organism   Name     Ortholog group   Product
O. sativa   4328485   OG5_126609   Os02g0177600
O. sativa   4330407   OG5_126609   Os02g0697400
O. sativa   4331515   OG5_126609   Os03g0132000
O. sativa   4331650   OG5_126609   Os03g0152400
O. sativa   4337447   OG5_126609   Os04g0683700
O. sativa   4341718   OG5_126609   Os06g0656500
O. sativa   4344589   OG5_126609   Os08g0130400
O. sativa   4345054   OG5_126609   Os08g0245200
O. sativa   4345717   OG5_126609   Os08g0448000
A. thaliana   AT1G20480   OG5_126609   AMP-dependent synthetase and ligase family protein
A. thaliana   AT1G20490   OG5_126609   4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 3
A. thaliana   AT1G20500   OG5_126609   4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 4
A. thaliana   AT1G20510   OG5_126609   OPC-8:0 CoA ligase1
A. thaliana   AT1G30520   OG5_126609   2-succinylbenzoate--CoA ligase
A. thaliana   AT1G51680   OG5_126609   4-coumarate--CoA ligase 1
A. thaliana   AT1G65060   OG5_126609   4-coumarate--CoA ligase 3
A. thaliana   AT3G21230   OG5_126609   4-coumarate--CoA ligase 5
A. thaliana   AT3G21240   OG5_126609   4-coumarate--CoA ligase 2
A. thaliana   AT3G48990   OG5_126609   4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 10
A. thaliana   AT4G05160   OG5_126609   4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 7
A. thaliana   AT5G38120   OG5_126609   4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 8
E. coli   b0037   OG5_126609   putative crotonobetaine/carnitine-CoA ligase
E. coli   b1701   OG5_126609   short chain acyl-CoA synthetase, anaerobic
E. coli   b1805   OG5_126609   acyl-CoA synthetase (long-chain-fatty-acid--CoA ligase)
B. malayi   Bm1_03830   OG5_126609   AMP-binding enzyme family protein

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