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  • OrthoMCL cluster identifier: OG5_126888
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Compounds have been manually associated with targets based on literature curation (curated), and transitively associated with direct orthologs (predicted). Please note that a link between a compound and a target does not imply an outstanding activity (e.g. inhibition). In many cases the association serves the only purpose of showing that e.g. "compound X" has been tested against "target Y", even if there was no detectable activity in the assay. Information about each assay and its outcome is available for each compound.

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  Organism   Name     Ortholog group   Product
O. sativa   4326720   OG5_126888   Os01g0296100
O. sativa   4327108   OG5_126888   Os01g0252100
O. sativa   4328830   OG5_126888   Os02g0236200
O. sativa   4334738   OG5_126888   Os03g0841800
O. sativa   4337722   OG5_126888   Os05g0134000
O. sativa   4338079   OG5_126888   Os05g0207500
O. sativa   4341251   OG5_126888   Os06g0547900
O. sativa   4349147   OG5_126888   Os10g0521700
O. sativa   9268935   OG5_126888   Os03g0679300
A. thaliana   AT1G06390   OG5_126888   shaggy-related protein kinase iota
A. thaliana   AT1G09840   OG5_126888   Shaggy-related protein kinase kappa
A. thaliana   AT1G57870   OG5_126888   shaggy-related protein kinase delta
A. thaliana   AT2G30980   OG5_126888   Shaggy-related protein kinase zeta
A. thaliana   AT3G05840   OG5_126888   Shaggy-related protein kinase gamma
A. thaliana   AT3G61160   OG5_126888   shaggy-related protein kinase beta
A. thaliana   AT4G00720   OG5_126888   Shaggy-related protein kinase theta
A. thaliana   AT4G18710   OG5_126888   Shaggy-related protein kinase eta
A. thaliana   AT5G14640   OG5_126888   Shaggy-related protein kinase 13
A. thaliana   AT5G26751   OG5_126888   Shaggy-related protein kinase alpha
B. bovis   BBOV_III003600   OG5_126888   protein kinase domain containing protein
B. malayi   Bm1_49835   OG5_126888   intracellular kinase
C. albicans   CaO19.1593   OG5_126888   Serine/threonine protein kinase required for induction of IME2 by Ime1p
C. albicans   CaO19.1594   OG5_126888   hypothetical protein
C. albicans   CaO19.791   OG5_126888   second truncated form of RIM11 Serine/threonine protein kinase
C. albicans   CaO19.8410   OG5_126888   second truncated form of RIM11 Serine/threonine protein kinase

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