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  • OrthoMCL cluster identifier: OG5_127148
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Compounds have been manually associated with targets based on literature curation (curated), and transitively associated with direct orthologs (predicted). Please note that a link between a compound and a target does not imply an outstanding activity (e.g. inhibition). In many cases the association serves the only purpose of showing that e.g. "compound X" has been tested against "target Y", even if there was no detectable activity in the assay. Information about each assay and its outcome is available for each compound.

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  Organism   Name     Ortholog group   Product
O. sativa   4333540   OG5_127148   Os03g0640100
O. sativa   4347727   OG5_127148   Os09g0540600
A. thaliana   AT2G16780   OG5_127148   WD-40 repeat-containing protein MSI2
A. thaliana   AT4G35050   OG5_127148   WD-40 repeat-containing protein MSI3
A. thaliana   AT5G58230   OG5_127148   histone-binding protein MSI1
B. bovis   BBOV_IV001160   OG5_127148   chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit C, putative
B. bovis   BBOV_IV011040   OG5_127148   retinoblastoma A associated protein, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_57630   OG5_127148   retinoblastoma-binding protein.
C. albicans   CaO19.2146   OG5_127148   WD40 repeat protein similar to S. cerevisiae HAT2 (YEL056W) histone acetyltransf ...
C. albicans   CaO19.9693   OG5_127148   WD40 repeat protein similar to S. cerevisiae HAT2 (YEL056W) histone acetyltransf ...
C. elegans   CELE_K07A1.11   OG5_127148   Protein RBA-1
C. elegans   CELE_K07A1.12   OG5_127148   Protein LIN-53
C. parvum   cgd1_1930   OG5_127148   WD40 repeat protein, predicted histone deacetylase subunit
C. parvum   cgd5_740   OG5_127148   WD repeat protein
C. hominis   Chro.10221   OG5_127148   WD-40 repeat protein MSI1
C. hominis   Chro.50316   OG5_127148   ENSANGP00000014714
D. discoideum   DDB_G0282529   OG5_127148   WD-40 repeat-containing protein
D. melanogaster   Dmel_CG4236   OG5_127148   Chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit
E. granulosus   EgrG_000088600   OG5_127148   retinoblastoma binding protein 4
E. granulosus   EgrG_000611800   OG5_127148   histone binding protein Caf1
E. histolytica   EHI_020290   OG5_127148   WD domain containing protein
E. multilocularis   EmuJ_000088600   OG5_127148   retinoblastoma binding protein 4
E. multilocularis   EmuJ_000611800   OG5_127148   histone binding protein Caf1
H. sapiens   ENSG00000102054   OG5_127148   retinoblastoma binding protein 7
H. sapiens   ENSG00000162521   OG5_127148   retinoblastoma binding protein 4

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