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Basic information

TDR Targets ID: 8514
Mycobacterium tuberculosis, FERROCHELATASE CHE1

Source Database / ID: Tuberculist / Rv2393 

pI: 11.4257 | Length (AA): 282 | MW (Da): 29749 | Number of Paralogs: 2

EC number(s): No EC number(s) registered for this gene.

Signal peptide: N | GPI Anchor: (Show evidence) | Predicted trans-membrane segments: 0

Pfam domains

PF01903   CbiX

Gene Ontology

Function: (mouse over links to read term descriptions)

GO:0046872   metal ion binding  
GO:0016829   lyase activity  

Process: (mouse over links to read term descriptions)

GO:0009236   cobalamin biosynthetic process  
Metabolic Pathways

This gene is not mapped to any metabolic pathway in KEGG.

Functional classes

GO:0008150 biological_process
GO:0016829 lyase activity

Structural information
Target Beg Target End Template Template Beg Template End Identity Evalue Model Score MPQS zDope

Modbase 3D models: 0
no model available for this protein in Modbase.

PDB structures: no structure available for this protein in the PDB.


Upregulation ranking: this gene ranks in the mid 40-60% group of genes.
Shows this level of upregulation in: Dormant phase, Dormant phase.

murphy: Identification of gene targets against dormant phase Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections..
hasan: Prioritizing genomic drug targets in pathogens: application to Mycobacterium tuberculosis..


Number of putative antigenic epitopes: 11
Cumulative epitope score: 12.4
Normalized epitope score: 4.4
Percentile: 33.6 (this protein belongs to the top 66.4% proteins in the genome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, based on the predicted antigenicity).

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OrthoMCL 4 cluster: OG4_16514
Number of Paralogs: 2

Ortholog group members from selected species:
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv2393 (this record).   FERROCHELATASE CHE1... |   OrthoMCL
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv0259c   CONSERVED HYPOTHETICAL PROTEIN... |   OrthoMCL
Oryza sativa NP_001046609   Os02g0296800 ... |   OrthoMCL

Essentiality Rv2393 has essentiality data
Gene/Ortholog: mtu262 (OG4_16514); Phenotype: non-essential; Source study: nmpdr
Gene/Ortholog: mtu2434 (OG4_16514); Phenotype: non-essential; Source study: nmpdr

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