T. brucei genetic experiments

Posted by Greg Crowther on 2008-08-12 06:38:46

WARNING: This list was made prior to the version 4 release of TDR Targets (Aug, 2010). Some queries included in this list may not work properly. Most likely reasons for this are changes in parameters, and/or data updates. If you experience any problem, please try re-running each search from the search page.

List description

Within the Validation subsection of the search page, one can search for four types of genetic experiment: loss-of-function mutant, overexpression, knockout unrecovered, and RNAi/antisense assay. This query set includes a search for each type, although there is nothing under overexpression or knockout unrecovered. According to the curation, 16 genes have been studied in a "loss-of-function mutant" way and 248 have been studied by RNAi/antisense assay. This curation was completed by Takashi Suzuki some time ago (probably by summer of 2007) and thus is unlikely to include the latest literature findings.

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