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WARNING: This list was made prior to the version 4 release of TDR Targets (Aug, 2010). Some queries included in this list may not work properly. Most likely reasons for this are changes in parameters, and/or data updates. If you experience any problem, please try re-running each search from the search page.

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Using the genome comparison software Genlight, two separate in silico workflows were implemented to derive a set of parasite proteins for which gene disruption of the orthologs in both C. elegans and D. melanogaster yielded deleterious phenotypes (e.g., lethal, impairment of motility), i.e., are essential genes/proteins. 71 genes were identified that were expressed in the relevant developmental stages of the parasite infecting humans. Subsequent in depth manual curation of the combined workflow output revealed 57 candidate proteins.
[Smp_122390 ||29042.m003538|notchless-related| could not be found in TDR database and is therefore excluded.]

● A comparative chemogenomics strategy to predict potential drug targets in the metazoan pathogen, Schistosoma mansoni. (2009). PLoS ONE 4: e4413 PubMed, Publisher.

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