A Ranked List of T. cruzi Targets

Posted by Fernan Aguero on 2009-03-24 20:01:13

WARNING: This list was made prior to the version 4 release of TDR Targets (Aug, 2010). Some queries included in this list may not work properly. Most likely reasons for this are changes in parameters, and/or data updates. If you experience any problem, please try re-running each search from the search page.

List description

I have run a number of queries using different criteria to
retrieve T. cruzi genes.

Each query filters genes based on a single criteria.

These are:
* gene does not have orthologs in human/mouse [50]
* gene has orthologs in T. brucei [40]
* gene has orthologs in Yeast that are essential [50]
* gene has orthologs in Bacteria (E. coli, M. tuberculosis)
that are essential [40]
* gene has 3D Model(s) [30]
* gene has 3D structure(s) [40]
* gene has a druggability index > 0.6 (0-1 scale) [40]

A ranked list of genes was produced by asking for the UNION
of the above queries and assigning a weight (score) to each query
(in square brackets above).

Feel free to use this set, add/remove queries, revise my scoring scheme,
etc. And do share back your revised sets!

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