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Compounds have been manually associated with targets based on literature curation (Curated), and transitively associated with known druggable homologs or direct orthologs (predicted). Network derived target prioritizations also allows to convert any gene list into a drug list by making use of gene-drug indirect relationships within the repurposing network. All associations are done with true positives (known druggable targets), but predicted interactions are by no means tested or experimentally validated.


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  Organism   Name     Ortholog group   Product
B. malayi   Bm1_00150     No group hexokinase type II
B. malayi   Bm1_00270   OG5_128628   ImpB/MucB/SamB family protein
B. malayi   Bm1_00555     No group astacin protease protein 30
B. malayi   Bm1_01930   OG5_126758   6-phosphofructokinase
B. malayi   Bm1_02445   OG5_128367   Pin1-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase, BmPin1
B. malayi   Bm1_02530   OG5_129590   hypothetical protein
B. malayi   Bm1_03120   OG5_127024   serine/threonine kinase 12
B. malayi   Bm1_03335   OG5_131830   protein kinase C3,putative
B. malayi   Bm1_03415   OG5_171256   protein-tyrosine phosphatase Lar-like precursor, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_03885   OG5_127111   Peptidase family C54 containing protein
B. malayi   Bm1_03920   OG5_133034   Cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV family protein
B. malayi   Bm1_04060   OG5_127410   Malate dehydrogenase, cytoplasmic
B. malayi   Bm1_04145   OG5_191988   metalloprotease 1 precursor
B. malayi   Bm1_04640   OG5_128622   Plasmid Maintenance Protein containing protein
B. malayi   Bm1_04665   OG5_129051   2,3-bisphosphoglycerate-independent phosphoglycerate mutase
B. malayi   Bm1_04825   OG5_126785   glutathione reductase
B. malayi   Bm1_05660   OG5_131130   signal transduction protein CBL-B
B. malayi   Bm1_05720   OG5_129189   Protein kinase domain containing protein
B. malayi   Bm1_06755   OG5_126929   endochitinase
B. malayi   Bm1_06910   OG5_127429   DNA polymerase delta catalytic subunit
B. malayi   Bm1_07340   OG5_192047   zinc metalloproteinase toh-2 precursor
B. malayi   Bm1_07565   OG5_129071   geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthetase
B. malayi   Bm1_07900   OG5_128752   hypothetical protein
B. malayi   Bm1_08135   OG5_132836   cell division protein kinase 10
B. malayi   Bm1_08705   OG5_127113   DNA topoisomerase II, alpha isozyme