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  • Score for genes in query #102 (Mtb any genetic validation (now searched on lma)): 50
  • Score for genes in query #98 (Mtb no TM domain (now searched on lma)): 20
  • Score for genes in query #106 (Mtb assayable (now searched on lma)): 35
  • Score for genes in query #107 (Mtb all proteins (now searched on lma)): 1
  • Score for genes in query #95 (Mtb enz (EC + func. Categ.) (now searched on lma)): 100
  • Score for genes in query #110 (Lma in Tbr and Tcr): 25
  • Score for genes in query #96 (Mtb Pubmed (now searched on lma)): 35
  • Score for genes in query #99 (Mtb PDB (now searched on lma)): 50
  • Score for genes in query #101 (Mtb not in humans (now searched on lma)): 25
  • Score for genes in query #100 (Mtb modbase (now searched on lma)): 30
  • Score for genes in query #97 (Mtb mwt <100kDa (now searched on lma)): 20
  • Score for genes in query #105 (Mtb Compd desirability >0.3 (now searched on lma)): 35
  • Score for genes in query #104 (Mtb dindex >=0.6 (now searched on lma)): 35

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Compounds have been manually associated with targets based on literature curation (Curated), and transitively associated with known druggable homologs or direct orthologs (predicted). Network derived target prioritizations also allows to convert any gene list into a drug list by making use of gene-drug indirect relationships within the repurposing network. All associations are done with true positives (known druggable targets), but predicted interactions are by no means tested or experimentally validated.


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  Organism   Name     Ortholog group   Product Weight
L. major   LmjF.29.0820   OG5_127800   cysteine peptidase C (CPC),CPC cysteine peptidase, Clan CA, family C1, Cathepsin ... 416
L. major   LmjF.23.0050   OG5_126792   cyclophilin 11, putative 386
L. major   LmjF.05.0350   OG5_126785   trypanothione reductase 386
L. major   LmjF.06.0120   OG5_127452   cyclophilin 2 386
L. major   LmjF.25.0910   OG5_126792   cyclophilin a 386
L. major   LmjF.18.0270   OG5_126888   glycogen synthase kinase, putative;with=GeneDB:LinJ18_V3.0270 386
L. major   LmjF.06.0860   OG5_127385   dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase 386
L. major   LmjF.23.0270   OG5_133937   pteridine reductase 1 366
L. major   LmjF.36.1960   OG5_127648   phosphomannomutase, putative 366
L. major   LmjF.24.0850   OG5_127002   triosephosphate isomerase 351
L. major   LmjF.12.0220   OG5_127291   hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase, putative,glyoxalase II, putative 351
L. major   LmjF.30.2970   OG5_126628   glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase, glycosomal 351
L. major   LmjF.27.1870   OG5_134306   trypanothione synthetase, putative 341
L. major   LmjF.06.0560   OG5_143192   deoxyuridine triphosphatase, putative,dUTP diphosphatase 341
L. major   LmjF.04.1160   OG5_127400   336
L. major   LmjF.34.1260   OG5_127218   mitochondrial DNA polymerase I protein A, putative 336
L. major   LmjF.10.0890   OG5_128118   FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase, putative 336
L. major   LmjF.23.0950   OG5_127293   cytosolic leucyl aminopeptidase,metallo-peptidase, Clan MF, Family M17 336
L. major   LmjF.33.1630   OG5_126792   cyclophilin 4, putative 336
L. major   LmjF.19.0550   OG5_126721   methionine aminopeptidase, putative,metallo-peptidase, Clan MG, Family M24 336
L. major   LmjF.32.1580   OG5_127555   phosphomannose isomerase 336
L. major   LmjF.30.0880   OG5_128398   adenosine kinase, putative 336
L. major   LmjF.21.0250   OG5_126743   hexokinase, putative 336
L. major   LmjF.25.1320   OG5_127141   serine/threonine protein phosphatase, putative 336
L. major   LmjF.36.2390   OG5_129172   sterol 24-c-methyltransferase, putative 326