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Compounds have been manually associated with targets based on literature curation (Curated), and transitively associated with known druggable homologs or direct orthologs (predicted). Network derived target prioritizations also allows to convert any gene list into a drug list by making use of gene-drug indirect relationships within the repurposing network. All associations are done with true positives (known druggable targets), but predicted interactions are by no means tested or experimentally validated.


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  Organism   Name     Ortholog group   Product
B. malayi   Bm1_35140   OG5_127048   E1-E2 ATPase family protein
B. malayi   Bm1_51545   OG5_127620   Melibiase family protein
B. malayi   Bm1_28250   OG5_127783   amidase
B. malayi   Bm1_46485   OG5_126781   MAP kinase sur-1
B. malayi   Bm1_21060   OG5_130101   myosin
B. malayi   Bm1_08830   OG5_127801   Amidohydrolase family protein
B. malayi   Bm1_31005   OG5_128985   tyrosine aminotransferase
B. malayi   Bm1_39715   OG5_126623   Endoplasmin precursor
B. malayi   Bm1_50175   OG5_128202   Probable 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase T04D3.3, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_33005   OG5_126746   FGGY family of carbohydrate kinases, N-terminal domain containing protein
B. malayi   Bm1_01925   OG5_126776   Phosphoglycerate kinase
B. malayi   Bm1_05625   OG5_127214   oxidoreductase, zinc-binding dehydrogenase family protein
B. malayi   Bm1_35815   OG5_192516   FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase-33, BmFKBP-33
B. malayi   Bm1_43555   OG5_126561   ABC transporter transmembrane region family protein
B. malayi   Bm1_48865   OG5_126846   Csnk2b protein
B. malayi   Bm1_18805     No group Papain family cysteine protease containing protein
B. malayi   Bm1_19535   OG5_126639   Trypsin family protein
B. malayi   Bm1_55850   OG5_126792   cyclophilin-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase-2, Bmcyp-2
B. malayi   Bm1_51940   OG5_126813   Serine/threonine protein phosphatase 2A, 56 kDa regulatory subunit,epsilon isofo ...
B. malayi   Bm1_01455   OG5_141422   Ser/Thr protein phosphatase family protein
B. malayi   Bm1_46880   OG5_171344   excitatory GABA receptor EXP-1A
B. malayi   Bm1_40085   OG5_133095   Patatin-like phospholipase family protein
B. malayi   Bm1_53520   OG5_127419   DNA-directed RNA polymerases III 12.5 kDa polypeptide, putative
B. malayi   Bm1_10270   OG5_127730   T-complex protein 1, beta subunit
B. malayi   Bm1_54110   OG5_171293   Protein-tyrosine phosphatase containing protein