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Basic information

TDR Targets ID: 25787
Leishmania major, pseudouridylate synthase-like protein

Source Database / ID:  TriTrypDB  GeneDB

pI: 10.2075 | Length (AA): 413 | MW (Da): 47376 | Paralog Number: 0

Signal peptide: Y | GPI Anchor: N | Predicted trans-membrane segments: 0

Druggability Group : DG1

Targets have been classified into druggability groups (DG) according to their druggability score in network driven prioritizations. DGs range from 1 to 5; the higher the group number, the higher the chance of the target to be druggable

Pfam domains

PF00849   RNA pseudouridylate synthase

Gene Ontology

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GO:0003723   RNA binding  
GO:0009982   pseudouridine synthase activity  
GO:0001522   pseudouridine synthesis  
GO:0009451   RNA modification  

Metabolic Pathways

This gene is not mapped to any metabolic pathway in KEGG.

Structural information

Modbase 3D models:

There are 4 models calculated for this protein. More info on these models, including the models themselves is available at: Modbase

Target Beg Target End Template Template Beg Template End Identity Evalue Model Score MPQS zDope
169 406 1v9f (A) 88 318 22.00 0 1 0.89 -0.55
169 401 1v9k (A) 97 316 22.00 0 1 0.82 -0.7
60 411 2ist (A) 11 323 20.00 0 1 0.9062 0.71
165 400 1v9k (A) 93 315 23.00 0.00000055 1 0.855129 -0.13

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Target Beg: first modeled residue
Target End: last modeled residue
Template: template structure used for modelling (PDB accession and chain)
Template Beg: first template residue in target-template alignment
Template End: last template residue in target-template alignment
Identity: sequence identity
Evalue: E value for target-template hit
Model Score: GA341 score (>0.7 for reliable model)
MPQS: ModPipe Quality Score (>1.1 for reliable model)
zDope: zDope Score (negative for reliable model)

A more detailed description of these scores is available at the Modbase Model Evaluation Help Pages, and in the papers referenced therein.

PDB Structures:

No structure availble in the PDB for this protein


Upregulation Percent Ranking Stage Dataset
Upper 60-80% percentile amastigotes, metacyclic. Fernandes MC
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  • Fernandes MC Dual Transcriptome Profiling of Leishmania-Infected Human Macrophages Reveals Distinct Reprogramming Signatures.


Ortholog group members (OG5_129784)

Species Accession Gene Product
Arabidopsis thaliana AT3G19440   RNA pseudourine synthase 4
Brugia malayi Bm1_08265   RNA pseudouridylate synthase family protein
Dictyostelium discoideum DDB_G0285543   hypothetical protein
Echinococcus granulosus EgrG_000842200   methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria type D
Echinococcus granulosus EgrG_000878300   Pseudouridine synthase domain containing protein
Echinococcus multilocularis EmuJ_000878300   Pseudouridine synthase domain containing protein
Echinococcus multilocularis EmuJ_000842200   methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria type D
Homo sapiens ENSG00000165526   RNA pseudouridylate synthase domain containing 4
Leishmania braziliensis LbrM.01.0310   pseudouridylate synthase-like protein
Leishmania donovani LdBPK_010280.1   pseudouridylate synthase-like protein
Leishmania infantum LinJ.01.0280   pseudouridylate synthase-like protein
Leishmania major LmjF.01.0280   pseudouridylate synthase-like protein
Leishmania mexicana LmxM.01.0280   pseudouridylate synthase-like protein
Loa Loa (eye worm) LOAG_04880   hypothetical protein
Mus musculus ENSMUSG00000032044   RNA pseudouridylate synthase domain containing 4
Oryza sativa 4346373   Os09g0103500
Onchocerca volvulus OVOC8102   Putative ribosomal pseudouridine synthase
Schistosoma japonicum Sjp_0007980   ko:K06179 ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase C, putative
Schistosoma japonicum Sjp_0303930   similar to Uncharacterized protein C2orf25 homolog, mitochondrial precursor, putative
Schistosoma mansoni Smp_194510   ribosomal pseudouridine synthase
Schmidtea mediterranea mk4.001567.07   Putative ribosomal pseudouridine synthase
Schmidtea mediterranea mk4.001929.04  
Trypanosoma brucei gambiense Tbg972.9.1670   pseudouridylate synthase, putative
Trypanosoma brucei Tb927.9.3350   pseudouridylate synthase, putative
Trypanosoma congolense TcIL3000_9_950   pseudouridylate synthase, putative
Trypanosoma cruzi TcCLB.511577.90   pseudouridylate synthase-like protein, putative
Trypanosoma cruzi TcCLB.504797.30   pseudouridylate synthase-like protein, putative
Treponema pallidum TP0231   hypothetical protein
Wolbachia endosymbiont of Brugia malayi Wbm0206   pseudouridylate synthase


No essentiality data collected for this gene and/or its orthologs.

Phenotypes and Validation (curated)

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Annotated validation

No validation data for this target

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