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Basic information

TDR Targets ID: 989233
Onchocerca volvulus,

Source Database / ID:  Wormbase Parasite  

pI: 6.9118 | Length (AA): 316 | MW (Da): 35635 | Paralog Number: 1

Signal peptide: N | GPI Anchor: | Predicted trans-membrane segments: 0

Druggability Group : DG2

Targets have been classified into druggability groups (DG) according to their druggability score in network driven prioritizations. DGs range from 1 to 5; the higher the group number, the higher the chance of the target to be druggable

Pfam domains

Gene Ontology

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No GO information for this protein.

Metabolic Pathways

This gene is not mapped to any metabolic pathway in KEGG.

Structural information

Modbase 3D models:

There are 4 models calculated for this protein. More info on these models, including the models themselves is available at: Modbase

Target Beg Target End Template Template Beg Template End Identity Evalue Model Score MPQS zDope
7 397 5gkv (A) 4 374 32.00 0 1 1.22734 -0.5
7 373 5gkv (A) 4 351 37.00 0 1 1.12095 -0.07
12 397 3zyt (A) 7 367 28.00 0 1 1.14558 -0.62
17 428 2qmi (A) 5 376 16.00 0 1 0.916804 0.67

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Target Beg: first modeled residue
Target End: last modeled residue
Template: template structure used for modelling (PDB accession and chain)
Template Beg: first template residue in target-template alignment
Template End: last template residue in target-template alignment
Identity: sequence identity
Evalue: E value for target-template hit
Model Score: GA341 score (>0.7 for reliable model)
MPQS: ModPipe Quality Score (>1.1 for reliable model)
zDope: zDope Score (negative for reliable model)

A more detailed description of these scores is available at the Modbase Model Evaluation Help Pages, and in the papers referenced therein.

PDB Structures:

No structure availble in the PDB for this protein


No expression data available for this gene


Ortholog group members (OG5_176992)

Species Accession Gene Product
Brugia malayi Bm1_24950   beta-lactamase family protein
Caenorhabditis elegans CELE_C33F10.7   Protein LACT-5, isoform B
Loa Loa (eye worm) LOAG_01933   hypothetical protein
Loa Loa (eye worm) LOAG_16315   hypothetical protein
Loa Loa (eye worm) LOAG_11087   hypothetical protein
Onchocerca volvulus OVOC10453  
Onchocerca volvulus OVOC10455  
Schistosoma japonicum Sjp_0027430   similar to Uncharacterized protein ZK945.1, putative
Schistosoma mansoni Smp_032250   family S12 unassigned peptidase (S12 family)
Schmidtea mediterranea mk4.000664.04   Family S12 unassigned peptidase


No essentiality data collected for this gene and/or its orthologs.

Phenotypes and Validation (curated)

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In TDR Targets, information about phenotypes that are caused by drugs, or by genetic manipulation of cells (e.g. gene knockouts or knockdowns) is manually curated from the literature. These descriptions help to describe the potential of the target for drug development. If no information is available for this gene or if the information is incomplete, this may mean that i) the papers containing this information either appeared after the curation effort for this organism was carried out or they were inadvertently missed by curators; or that ii) the curation effort for this organism has not yet started.

In any case, if you have information about papers containing relevant validation data for this target, please contact us.

Annotated validation

No validation data for this target

Associated compounds / Druggability

Known modulators for this target

No chemical compounds associated to this gene

Predicted associations

By orthology with druggable targets
Non orthologous druggable targets
By sequence similarity to non orthologous druggable targets
No additional associated druggable targets

Obtained from network model
No druggable targets predicted through repurposing network model


Assay information

No assay information for this target.

Reagent availability

No reagent availability information for this target.

Bibliographic References

No literature references available for this target.

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