TDR Targets 6.0

Leverage diverse datasets to facilitate drug discovery for neglected disease pathogens

TDR Targets functions both as a website where you can look for information on targets, drugs and/or bioactive compounds of interest, and as a tool for prioritization of targets in whole genomes.

The name of the database includes the initialism 'TDR' for Tropical Disease Research, a special programme within the World Health Organization.


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Look for information on targets of interest. Prioritize targets in whole genomes.

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Search for drugs and potential drug-target relationships. Explore bioactivities.

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Highlights in this release

5.3 K

Druggable Targets

2.0 M

Bioactive compounds

7.2 M



Full Proteomes


Genome-wide prioritizations

1.2 M


See full Release Notes for further details and check out our Data Summary for a detailed list of the data available for each organism

News & Announcements

On the cover!

The paper describing latest updates is now in NAR, featuered in the cover of the 48th issue. Read the full paper at NAR Open

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A quick walkthrough

A sneak peak into the latest updates of the TDR Targets resource, issued in the SAP2019 conference.

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