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TDR Targets v5 release
Posted: 19.Sep.2011

The fifth release of the database is out! This release includes new functionality allowing users to retrieve compounds associated to gene lists and viceversa; new functionality to map a list of genes to orthologs in other species; new datasets such as essentiality evidence for T. brucei, curated phenotypes for T. cruzi, new protein 3D models, etc. For more information please check out the release notes.

Identification of drug targets.
Posted: 24.Aug.2010

A paper describing the use of the TDR Targets database in the identification of attractive drug targets has been published in the August 2010 Issue of PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

TDR Targets v4 release.
Posted: 10.Aug.2010

The fourth release of the TDR Targets database is out. This release includes new datasets (chemical compounds) and updated data across all areas of the database. Please check the release notes for additional details on the changes included in this release.

TDR Targets v3 release.
Posted: 24.Mar.2009

This is our third release, which brings increased data coverage for all genomes. Check the release notes for a detailed description of changes in this release.

TDR Targets publication.
Posted: 24.Mar.2009

A paper describing the TDR Targets database has been published in the November, 2008 issue of Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.

New TDR Targets release.
Posted: 30.Jun.2008

This is our second release (since we started versioning the database, that is). Check the release notes for a detailed description of changes in this release.

New genomes in TDR Targets.
Posted: 7.Mar.2008

The genomes of Brugia malayi and its Wolbachia endosymbiont, Mycobacterium leprae, Toxoplasma gondii and Plasmodium vivax are now included in TDR Targets. For a summary of available data for these genomes, check the summary table at the bottom of this page.

TDR Targets site updated
Posted: 7.June.2007

The TDR Targets site has been updated. This update brings new functionality that allow users to publish individual queries and/or query sets; and an update of the data from the ongoing curation effort that now includes Leishmania and Plasmodium.

Pilot survey on drug targets for Human African Trypanosomiasis.
Posted: 11.April.2007

A pilot survey on drug targets for Human African Trypanosomiasis is being run now. The idea to survey the scientific community came from a workshop on Drug Discovery for Trypanosomatid Diseases (Dundee, February 2007). This exercise will be used to design similar surveys for other neglected infectious diseases. The output of this community-driven survey will be posted on this site. For more information about the survey see The Scientific Community Human African Trypanosomiasis Drug Target Survey.