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  Organism     Name       Ortholog group   Product
S. mansoni   Smp_135480   OG4_13206   tetratricopeptide repeat protein 10, tpr10, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_147430   OG4_10445   glutamate receptor, kainate, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_027920   OG4_10075   tubulin alpha chain, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_127370   OG4_14350   glycosyltransferase 14 family member, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_134500   OG4_10181   calcium/calmodulin-dependent 3,5-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_014080   OG4_11507   lipopolysaccharide-induced transcription factor regulating tumor necrosis factor ...
S. mansoni   Smp_173010   OG4_21287   dro/myosuppressin receptor, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_163090.1   OG4_12740   voltage-gated potassium channel, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_141010   OG4_10950   fer-1-related
S. mansoni   Smp_090120.2   OG4_10075   alpha tubulin, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_137550   OG4_10025   dynein heavy chain, 3' fragment
S. mansoni   Smp_173790   OG4_11372   o-acyltransferase (membrane bound) domain containing protein, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_067010.2   OG4_16594   expressed protein
S. mansoni   Smp_088940   OG4_19128   zinc finger protein, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_058730   OG4_12070   tubby, tubby-like
S. mansoni   Smp_160860   OG4_14175   tetratricopeptide repeat protein 8, tpr8, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_136740   OG4_14385   torsin A, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_158660   OG4_12577   axonemal dynein light chain, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_073270   OG4_17616   neuroendocrine protein 7b2, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_076300   OG4_17401   forkhead protein/ forkhead protein domain, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_142990   OG4_10132   serine/threonine kinase
S. mansoni   Smp_155050   OG4_13840   agrin, putative
S. mansoni   Smp_126740   OG4_12564   protein kinase
S. mansoni   Smp_176180   OG4_10423   venom allergen-like (VAL) 9 protein
S. mansoni   Smp_124630   OG4_13219   wd40 repeat-containing, putative

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