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  Organism     Name       Ortholog group   Product
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053420989.10     protein phosphatase 2C, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053422031.10     hypothetical protein, conserved
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053422189.10     nucleoside phosphatase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053427091.10   OG4_10381   farnesyl synthetase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053427247.10   OG4_37950   serine/threonine protein kinase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053438059.10     serine/threonine-protein phosphatase PP1 alpha
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053447255.20   OG4_11202   NAD-dependent deacetylase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053453445.20   OG4_11182   ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053463451.10     hypothetical protein, conserved
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053467287.30   OG4_52866   ATPase beta subunit, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053482369.29     arginine kinase
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053484299.10     trypanothione reductase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053487507.10   OG4_10063   tryparedoxin peroxidase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053503405.10   OG4_11099   glutamine synthetase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053503477.20   OG4_10688   transaldolase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053503479.30   OG4_14226   adenylate kinase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053503513.10   OG4_26431   casein kinase II, alpha chain, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053503555.30   OG4_10249   trypanothione reductase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053503579.110   OG4_30007   pseudouridylate synthase I, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053503581.20   OG4_31896   cyclophilin, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053503583.80   OG4_23712   dual specificity protein phosphatase or MAP kinase phosphatase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053503613.20   OG4_10899   proteasome alpha 7 subunit, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053503677.10   OG4_11241   phosphomannose isomerase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053503685.10   OG4_22279   serine/threonine protein kinase, putative
T. cruzi   Tc00.1047053503687.20   OG4_35682   glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, putative

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